NanoLearn helps to validate and reward users for acquiring knowledge sourced from the web, Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, web based storage services, and organization intranets.

Powerful Features


Provide nuggets of learning that are valuable to the organization


Turn knowledge into valued products or services

Social learning

Reward users for their acquisition of nuggets of knowledge

Capture and measure institutional knowledge

Share and exchange knowledge

Validate reading of policies and procedures

Rapid employee onboarding

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NanoLearn is easy to master, quick to deploy, configurable, and because of its responsive design, is mobile friendly

Leverage Microsoft Technologies and Applications


By leveraging numerous Microsoft Technologies, NanoLearn utilizes a suite of Azure technologies, cloud servers, Azure SQL, and more….
Enhance the value of your Microsoft Office and Office 365 Application and services investment with the addition of NanoLearn.
Create learning from a variety of Office 365 document types, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
Easily insert links that support learning from materials located on OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.
Use Microsoft Teams to enhance knowledge sharing. Once knowledge has value, use Teams to help transform knowledge into products and services.

Intralearn is a Pioneer in e-Learning and Knowledge Management

Since 1994, Intralearn Software Corporation has provided knowledge management and e-Learning solutions to corporate enterprises, academic institutions, associations, government agencies and training suppliers. We take pride in making technology affordable with turnkey offerings that leverage the infrastructure and technology of Microsoft Software.


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